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Artistic Management, Marketing, Communication and Consultancy Services in the Music Industry

Idea Development; Advising on Strategies; Developing Roadmaps


Administration; Office Work; Servicing; Catching up; Writing Letters; Visa Appl.

Marketing & Comm.

Marketing and Communication Services for Print Media, Online Campaigns, Social Media, Youtube Channels


Networking; Building and Maintaining Contacts; Introducing; Catching up

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It´s not about Ideas, it`s about making ideas happen

Being specialized in the artistic field of music, I support artists and art institutions working on a wide range of tasks for long- and short-term agreements worldwide. During completing the basic studies of communication systems at the Hanze University and graduating Master of Arts in “Art, Culture, Marketing and Media Science” at the Rijksuniversity of Groningen (NL), I worked for the Touring- (2011) as well as the Marketing (2013) Department of the Metropolitan Opera in New York. Knowing the field of music well, because of growing up in an artistic family, I built a strong network, making it my goal to develop innovative and creative ideas and support artists and artistic institutions in the music industry. For more detailed information about my resume and letters of recommendation, please visit my LinkedIn page.

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Koster Consulting


Koster Consulting is official partner of Kristjan Järvi and Sunbeam productions

Concert productions, Artistic vision and practical implementation, including: creation of concert brand identity; promoter, venue and artist liaison and negotiation; full budget and contract management; concert show design and merchandising
Evelyn E. Koster M.A.
Owner KC, Co-Founder Sunbeamprods
Master of Arts (Art, Culture and Media) Marketing and Communication Specialist. Languages: German, English, Dutch, French.


doesn´t come just from giving people incentives, it comes from creating environment where their ideas can connect


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